According to Hindu mythology, the three cosmic functions of creation, sustaining, and transformation/destruction of the universe are performed by Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Shiva, respectively. Similarly, to stand apart from others, we have to perform these three Godlike functions in our human profession! Let’s look into it from a freelance developer’s point of view.

Being Brahma: the creator

Creating need not necessarily refer to just building web apps. There are many other tasks that you have to look into, like:

  • Building a remarkable online presence to get new clients
  • Creating a network of clients
  • Drafting proposals
  • Coming up with creative ideas to improve the products.
  • A strategy to follow throughout the project.

Being Vishnu: the sustainer

Once new projects start rolling, there is quite an amount of maintenance required, viz.:

  • Maintaining a healthy relationship with the clients, including the previous ones.
  • Stick to the strategy decided and maintain the pace of the project.
  • Updating documentation, fixing bugs, upgrading dependencies, keeping an eye on the performance.
  • Managing your finances and maintaining good health. (Do not underestimate this!)

Being Shiva: the transformer/destroyer

Update to improvise!

  • Transform and upgrade your work-style and strategy if needed.
  • Troubleshooting technical challenges
  • Refactor the code and get rid of the clutter.

There might be various other things apart from the above that a freelance developer is required to do, but, interestingly, all of it falls under these three categories.
If you are a freelance developer, its a good idea to regularly introspect which of these three categories you expertise at and which you need to work upon.