What is your educational qualification?
I have done BE IT and MBA Entrepreneurship.

Which part of India do you belong to?
I am from Vadodara, Gujara

Why IT?
Since childhood, I loved technology, so much that I volunteered to manage my university network along with studying. I realised that turning my passion into my profession would be the best thing to do.

Have you ever worked in an IT company?
I worked in an IT company in Hyderabad named Payism Technologies Pvt Ltd. Heck, I had my own IT company for a year where people worked for me!

Did you join any course to learn Ruby on Rails?
No. I have learned it by reading books, codes, articles, documentation, and a lot of experimentation.

What is the best thing about freelancing?
The best thing is that there is no fixed time and location constraint.

As a freelancer, how many clients do you work with at a time?
I try to keep one client at a time, two at most.

What do your clients like the most about you?
My friendly nature and a sense of ownership I work with.

Have you had “unhappy clients”?!! If yes, then how did you deal with them?
Very few. I found better clients for myself!

What is the method of communication you use with your clients?
We do video calls during the first few meetings while we are shaping up the idea and the client briefs me about the project. Then I prefer to do more of written communication and fewer meetings and calls. I am fortunate that most of the time it has worked without any hassle.

What are your working hours?
My working hours are flexible, but I keep it to 6-8 hours a day. I work as an early riser but not a night owl. Most of my clients are in the CST timezone and I have been able to work with them without compromising my or their personal life and health.

How do you get clients?
I am often referred by previous clients. I also get work from LinkedIn, Upwork, and even Twitter

What do you do when you are between projects?
It is the best time to pay full attention and learn something. You can also contribute to open-source, improve your profile, and work on personal projects. I prefer to do all of them.